The Silken Paths

The Silken Paths are a network of spider webs crisscrossing a massive chasm stretching for miles. The major strands of the web are traversable, but due to the fact that old webs disintegrate over time and the giant spiders inhabiting the chasm are constantly spinning new ones, the Silken Paths are ever-changing.

The primary inhabitants of the Silken Paths are a colony of thousands of giant spiders who survive by feeding on unfortunate travelers to foolish or ignorant to stay away.

A pair of thrill seeking goblins named Spiderbait and Yukyuk also inhabit the network of webs, spending their days searching the corpses of spiders’ victims in search of treasure. The goblins are prone to daring (and often foolish) stunts as they have made a sport of out “surfing the webs” by greasing their feet. That either of them is still alive is a testament to their luck and skill.

In the haste of escaping the Drow slavers that pursued them, and a poorly planned assault on a group of Drow traders, the Motley Crew found themselves trapped in the webs of the spiders. With the aid of the web surfers and a halfling named Fargas Rumblefoot, the group managed to escape with their lives.

The Silken Paths

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