Sloobludop is a kuo-toa village on the eastern shore of the Darklake. From a Distance, it looks like a massive table of reeds stretching up into the darkness, lit by glowing spots of phosphorescence. Upon closer approach, a series of rickety towers can be seen, lashed together by rope and plank bridges set in haphazard patterns. Even above ground, the kuo-toa build in line with their three dimensional aquatic sensibilities, constructing their “great city” as if it were underwater.

The Fall of Sloobludop

A division had grown between the villagers in Sloobludop as some began to worship a new god, the Deep Father, Leemoogoogoon, and forsake their traditional practices in the name of the Great Sea Mother, Blibdoolpoolp. Frictions became untenable when the Bloppblippod, the daughter of the Plooploopleen (an archpriest of the Great Sea Mother) declared herself the archpriestess of the Deep Father following a dream in which she was called upon Leemoogoogoon to serve.

When the Motley Crew arrived in the village, Plooploopleen welcomed them warmly, seeing an opportunity to bring his village’s strife to an end. Together, the archpriest and the adventurers plotted to overthrow Bloppblippod by posing as blood sacrifices to ambush her in prayer. While the plan was a success, the slaying of a daughter at the base of the Altar of the Deep Father seemed to summon a great demon from the depths of the Darklake. The demon tore through the city, sowing madness and destruction in its path. Most of the villagers were killed by the beast, many after losing their minds at the sight of it. Among those who fell were Plooploopleen, the archpriest of Blibdoolpoolp, and his son, Klibdoloogut a guardian of the shrine. One of the adventurers, Hjalrim Flintforged, lost his mind as the beast rose from the depths and ran in terror to his death at the hands of the demon.


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